Ipad 3 Will Be 4G

Spencer Ante joins The News Hub to discuss Verizon and AT&T selling Apple’s 4G Ipad.
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Yea.. the iPad has been out for a few months and I never did a review on it.. so here are some of my thoughts :) Leave yours in the comments! ** SUBSCRIBE TO MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS: youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com iJUSTINE SHIRTS!!! WOO HOO!! ijustine.spreadshirt.com MY BLOG: ijustine.com TWITTER twitter.com DAILYBOOTH: dailybooth.com FACEBOOK: facebook.com FORMSPRING! formspring.me **
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The textbook. Reinvented for iPad.

Textbooks on iPad go way beyond the printed page. See how they bring learning material to life with video, audio, interactivity, and more.
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It’s a Special Valentine’s edition, just weeks away from the iPad 3′s launch. Also, is an Apple TV really being tested? Plus, we’ll show you how to express your love with the iPad.
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Apple iPad Video

www.gearlive.com – Take a look at Apple’s latest creation, the iPad. Be sure to catch more of our videos by subscribing, or checking us out at http You can also find us on Twitter – twitter.com – and Facebook – facebook.com
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www.iPadInsider.com Apple iPad Steve Jobs Keynote Jan 27 2010 Part 1 I skipped the video right before Steve talks about the iPad.
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This Week in IPad – iPad 2 is here!

iPad 2 is here and we got our hands on one! Jacob reviews iMovie, and Garage Band for the new device, while Andrea reviews ArtRage and eBook Magic for the original iPAd. Also, news comes through that TimeWarner now has an iPad App and Google TV offers a new iPad-based remote. For more on the show, and all of our previous episodes, visit www.thisweekin.com
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This week, Michelle and Jacob are BACK and better than ever as they are in HD for the very first time! Join them as they break down new apps like Thrillist, PopSugar, Evernote Peek for the iPad 2, and Snapseed. For more information, show notes, and schedules visit www.thisweekin.com