Mobile Technology for Small Business Increases Productivity

Mobile technology’s impact on small business productivity is discussed in a recent survey. Mobility opportunities for small businesses including smartphone usage and increased tablet usage are discussed. For more information please visit:
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How mobile technology could shape the consumer goods sector in the future

An infographic style video highlighting key mobile statistics and trends today and the potential impact on how technology will be used in the FMCG industry sector in the future.
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Future of marketing, mobile, technology, multichannel, digital brains – marketing keynote

Future of mobile, telecom, and biodigital brains. Impact of new technology and social media on marketing, customer relationships, selling and engaging consumers. Biodigital brains using implanted chips and wireless communications for thought control of machines, computers and other lifestyle devices. The ultimate marketing tool? Patrick Dixon, conference keynote speaker at corporate event for Tetrapak global leaders.
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Mobile Technology Takes the Lead

As smartphones become an ever increasing part of everyday life, personal fitness is being revolutionized by mobile technology. Runtastic, an Austrian mobile application developer, is defining the future of how we use technology to exercise and train. In this behind the scenes look, we learn how Runtastic works with world-class athletes to build the next generation of personal fitness apps on devices like Windows Phone 7, and what their vision for the future of personal sports technology holds. To learn how professional athletes are using mobile apps like Runtastic to improve their training, be sure to watch:
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