Beck – Cellphone’s Dead

Beck - Cellphone's Dead

Music video by Beck performing Cellphone’s Dead. (C) 2006 Interscope Records
Video Rating: 4 / 5 A way to convert your cell phone to solar power and take advantage of free energy. Solar powered Cell phone hack
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 pensamientos en “Beck – Cellphone’s Dead

  1. No matter what Beck does it’ll be tripping alright, this is one of the? best off The Information, essentially one of the best albums he’s done.

  2. This song has everything to do with the absence of ethical behavior and religion in today’s technological world. The visual distortion from 2:06 -? 2:14 (not that there isn’t distortion throughout the entire video, I particularly found that section most interesting) does a really good job at representing this modern day absence.

  3. @fuckboy6651. your erection is? weirder due to the scene where the little girl is in the foreground and the exercise girl, who i agree with you on, is in the back..

  4. @pWneD885 There is a link to get the? solar panels and a more detailed description of how to create the solar powered cell phone in the description box :)

  5. a million dollar idea would save billions trillions in every aspect, energy wise, pocket wise, pollution wise only if we implement this DO-ABLE idea its very easy? to get 5v from sun light using today existed technology that is very cheap and you dont have to make it usb i demonstrated it using direct line on & off power button to direct the power for charging or not.

    THUMB UP if you want these big companies to come up with this idea.
    Thanks for sweet photo video.

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