Nick Carter Interview: Fans Call His Cellphone! (2 of 3)

During a LIVE interview on Nick Carter gave out a number and took phone calls from his fans. These were real phone calls from real fans who we gave exclusive access to one of the biggest recording artists of our generation. If YOU want to call Nick, make sure to follow @andPOP so we can tell you the next time he’s coming :)
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More Info: (Description below) A working cellphone made in the form of a Star Trek communicator. This is one of 14 numbered prototypes distributed internally at Nokia in 2008. I bought it on eBay from a former Nokia employee who received it as a gift and no longer works for the company. This is a heavily-modified N76 with custom sounds, graphics, and hardware. It is very much a prototype and obviously in a late Alpha or early Beta stage. A little different from our usual fare. Sorry it takes me so long to get to the device itself; would have made a shorter vid if I’d known this was going to be picked up by so many tech/Trek blogs. Hope you enjoy it! Shot with HTC Evo 4G (Inflammatory or derogatory comments, or those unrelated to the device itself, or comments regarding eBay auction price speculation, will be removed.)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 pensamientos en “Nick Carter Interview: Fans Call His Cellphone! (2 of 3)

  1. @myemotiions it was funny! If you take everything in? life serious it’s going to be a boring one!

    Of you had a phone number of Nick Carter wouldn’t you want to ask him a question or tell him something rather than just “OMG I LOVE YOU!!”??

    He gets told that every day!

  2. @myemotiions but sweeety thats how he is..
    he knows fans r crazy? for him..and so he acts like that n tries to be funny…

  3. omg nick was just playing my god get a grip you no he loves his? fans alot he was just playing and being funny thats how nick is thumps up if you agree

  4. I don’t like how he treated the second caller. He and this guy ridiculed her. I would feel terrible if i was her. It wasn’t that funny Nick, the thing that you are snotty isn’t? funny too. Very sad.

  5. @YesWeCantaloupe hey you do know that? they make cases to protect the iphones and ipods that would make it hard for a tank to break it right?

  6. Awsome little Phone ? but I think if they made Star Trek Walkie talkies with texing they would take the market. 56klm range.

  7. Why can’t Nokia make a authentic Replica of the original Communicator that works like that voice operated mobiles, or with hidden butttons to release ?
    I want that? for years and years !
    It would go as big as the 2011 Nike Mag s

  8. Nice phone but sorry no cigar for Nokia. Only looks 50% like a communicator. To many? differences. Now if Nokia made it look like the communicator in the beginning of your video, that would be HOT!!!

  9. this is just a phone dress up? in a tos star trek just like the star wars sure must be a trekie fan too have a phone like this to pay lots of money for a phone like this i bet.

  10. omfg..i would DIE for this mobile phone!!!!!! i don´t understand why? they made only prototypes, i´m sure there are enough people who would kill for that XD

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