Working at google.avi

This small clip is taken from travel and living channel program named “Extreme Work places” Google one of the best places to work in the world To work in Google you can apply from the link below Keep checking my channel for more unique and amazing videos.Subscribe my channel if you like my work. Thank you for watching

25 pensamientos en “Working at google.avi

  1. @Gamerlives of course, i’d still want 2 work there.

    then i wouldn’t even? need youtube(except to rub it in no life youtuber’s faces!)

  2. no wonder youtube sux so much now. cause all these douchebags made the quickest half assed updates? to youtube so the could go fuck around in that paradise!

  3. I’m sure? they work harder and more efficiently because they enjoy going to work and/or wouldn’t want to lose their job because it’s so awesome.

  4. ????????? ??????????? ????? Google
    ???????? ?????: ??? ?? ????????, ?. ??????
    ???: 044525202
    ????. ????: 30101810300000000202
    ????? ?????: 40702810784049819055
    OKATO: 45286552000
    ??????????: ??? “????”
    ???: 7704582421
    ???: 770501001

    ?????????? ???????
    ?????? ? ???????? Google ?? ????????? ??????? AdWords.
    ????????????? ??????? 518-095-8944
    ????????????? ???????568-703-5331

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